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Now, here is a section I would like everyone to please ponder a little bit more please. I don't have any specific information about the nature of the book's binding, but I can say that it performs exceptionally well.

At 9 inches tall by 7. The fact that the paper is genuinely receptive to fountain pen use brings me a lot of joy, and the book has quickly become one of my favorite excuses to use my pens.

To allow yourself to be seen in your rawest form, well that is nothing short of bravery. I usually just complete a response, then immediately start flipping through the book looking for another prompt that interests me.

With that said, I do wish the pages were numbered. The few times I have experienced show-through are when using broad nibs, especially if those nibs are inked with heavily saturated inks.

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They span a variety of subjects and themes. Despite the paper's absorbency, it nevertheless does still allow inks to shine. The title of the book appears at the top, with "" written to appear as if hand-drawn in orange. It's provided me with hours and hours of entertainment, and I've not even completed half of it yet. For example, one prompt reads: "A character discovers an object hidden many years ago in a family home. Relationships are like a flower, they require tender, love and care. I do hope to complete them eventually, but they require more concerted focus and creativity that I just haven't been able to muster thus far. Finally, in this hobby it's easy to fall into the habit of accumulating pens rather than putting them to use, and this book helps combat that tendency. But through it all, a relationship is a two way street and someone you should geuninely enjoy. Something else I should note is that some of the prompts may not be suitable for younger writers. If anything, they are courageous. Some sites have large collections of prompts, or issue new ones on a periodic basis, but I often find them to be either overly simplistic, lacking substance, or repetitive. There's virtually no gutter, and the book stays open to the current page under its own weight without issue. With that said, I do wish the pages were numbered. Japanese broads generally perform well, though, especially when paired with inks that behave well.

Softness is not a weakness!

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