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It was one of those endless afternoons, jumping, swimming, sunbathing on the rocks, all punctuated by salty gulps of cold beer as the day unfurled, then curled back on itself.

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Events immediately following the incident. This argues rather persuasively for closed style.

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Key is the transition from writing about what something looks like to writing about what something really is. But in the context of academic prose, where sentences can get to be quite long, it would help to have some commas, indicating the grammatical function of the clauses. While this critique of capitalist alienation is hard to miss, a closer examination of the text reveals various other forms of alienation that economic hardships and the deification of corporations creates. Since I'm on the topic of revision, the point of it is not only to proof-read, but to improve the composition in terms of gaining clarity. He took the lead, with the confidence of one with older siblings. Of course, Jax saw no miracle in his survival. Just let me lay my hands on some big, honking, metal-twisted tragedy, so I can work my own miracle this time. I positioned the flashlight on the dash, and then, as I placed my hands over each side of her head, over her ears, with both my pinkies lifting from below her jaw, her face rose before me. We were teenagers then. For a long time afterward, you could see scars of the wreck on the trunk of the maple tree they hit, written in what seemed like Sanskrit.

Remember that compared to the muddled paper your neighbor may be handing in, you have an immense advantage if your paper sets up a clear argument, execution, and conclusion.

Most writers wouldn't have been able to pull off the reconciliation with God as a plausible or satisfactory ending, and close analysis shows that Milton must have been quite aware of the fact that without a satisfactory reconciliation, the poem would have fallen apart.

This is clearly non-analytical and inappropriate for the work we want to do at a university.

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The concrete term should carry the abstraction along with it, not the other way around. Above all, let your unconscious work on the paper. This night, however, the darkness was almost a substance, and even as we directed our spotlight up into the trees, the rays were absorbed, leaving nothing to see. There was a garage with two ambulances, and off it, a cramped radio room. So we waited for the news about Jax with the same sense of dread. Soon the enforced patterns of our quasi-martial school life reasserted themselves: We dutifully went to our classes, to physics where the teacher prattled on about the inadequacies of highway entrance ramps, chalking on the board in a swirl of scribbles all the horrible ways you could die while entering the faster flow of traffic and English we were reading Gatsby now, the green light, the deadly car accident, the body in the pool and calculus as if to solve a proof might put the universe back together, reveal a different god. Analysis is not possible in the absence of conceptualization.

Advertisement It was senior year, 17 years old, the soccer and football season just over, a party in the offing. Now imagine that your subject is about counterpoint in poetry.

He struggled to raise his head. Already thin, he quickly lost about twenty-five pounds.

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The charges against Flynn made the story uncomfortably public, and soon the paper ran a long article detailing the events of that night before Thanksgiving; the strained, surreal situation at our high school of friends trying to pick sides, or figure out what to believe in the first place; and the tragedy of alcohol-related car accidents in our town.

Think about this. At the end of the school year, just before prom, my prayer was answered: On a humid, cloudy night, I got my call.

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How to Write a Good Accident or Incident Report