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Some of them are: to communicate internationally, to learn science and technology, and to get job. By learning English we can go anywhere easily because in abroad generally uses English.

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There are four language skill, listening, speaking, reading, and writing. So, if the office-goers are asked to bid goodbye to the English language, they will face a great difficulty.

Mainly, people can prove its international power to make use of this language on worldwide. It is being spoken by half of the population of the world at present. In such cases, it is very profitable for the interstate communications.

Importance of english language in education

So everyone has to learn it and speak it for better future. In case we lose contact with it, our standard of scholarship is surely to suffer badly. Learning a foreign language is not an easy thing. I will put important questions on there that will allow me to get to know each of my student 's better. Teachers have to be a baker, counselor, mother, nurse, doctor, police officer and meaning other things in the course of a day, but I would not change that for the world No doctors, lawyers, firefighters, presidents, congress, veterinarian, accountants, directors, any job you could think of. So for the purpose of communication a language is necessary. Another reason is English to learn science and technology. Importance of English towards student In the school, colleges, there are many types of a student are learning the many subjects. English is the most famous medium of instruction for the students in India. For this case, Indonesia people have to speak English to communicate with tourist. But they can easily understand the English language, and it became the link between these people. What other profession do you prepare people for all kind of different careers. Now it has gained the status of international language. Consequently, English is the best language in the worldwide.

Wood gives examples and illustrates the need and the process of change by; how to truly interact and connect with students, on how to teach important things successfully, and enforces the need for a democratic system within the school. James Loewen have observed countless hours of good teaching and bad teaching methods There are some reasons why we need to learn English.

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Some individuals well educated with the proper talking this language, so they well employed in the huge companies. Increases employment level Some people can be employed, when they have the proper knowledge of it and fluent talking of it. In India, there are many works need this language. Imagine not even having schools and teachers. It is not wrong to say that English is the connecting language in India. At this time, globalization era requires people for learning English because people will meet English in many aspects. Many types of job should master English for support their qualities of the job. The school system has failed many students by their teaching methods and also the textbooks students are forced to use. But many of them do not know the other language besides their mother tongue or regional language. It has become lingua France of the people of the world. Mainly, people can prove its international power to make use of this language on worldwide.
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