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Thorazine and Clopazine are antipsychotics prescribed for schizophrenia. The resulting process is called an action potential, which is created when the neuron depolarizes allowing positively charged ions. Even cynicism and sarcasm can become an internal sentence habit.

Cerebral Cortex Lower This is the upper, complex brain, which is larger in humans than other animals. The neurotransmitter is then reabsorbed by the axon, breaking the connection.

When we retrieve information, we activate various schemas. Dysfunction occurring in adulthood in the form of anxiety or neurosis was caused by problems that developed during psychosexual stages according to Freud or in childhood according to Neo-Freudians.

Therapist acts by society people will move as a mirror reflecting back toward self-actualization. Erikson Psychosocial Development Stages Trust vs. Despair when reflecting on his or her life, the older adult may feel a sense of satisfaction or failure Psychosexual Stages Oral months : pleasure centers on the mouthsucking, biting, and chewing Anal months : pleasure focuses on bowel and bladder elimination; coping with demands for control Phallic years : pleasure zone is the genitals; coping with incestuous sexual feelings Latency 6-puberty : dormant sexual feelings Genital puberty on : maturation of sexual interests Freud Kohlberg Moral Development Stages Preconventional : right and wrong is determined by whether or not you will be punished Conventional : you decide appropriate behavior based on what society says; rules are rules Post-conventional : requires formal operational thinking; morality is based on universal principles applied to individual circumstances Psychoanalytical Thought Personality is based on the evolutionary needs for sex and aggression.

We activate various schemas with retrieval cues events or examples that trigger memory sometimes giving us dj vu, or even remembering false memories. It is easier to remember things where you learned it state-dependent or in the mood you were in mood-congruent. For example, hangovers dont stop people from drinking.

Our ultimate goal is self-actualization. Rogers believed in unconditional positive regard as the way to raise healthy children.

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AP Psychology Test: Memory