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Workers are happy. The company will conduct an internal and external search for a new Chief Financial Officer. To support the company's transformation, the supply chain is changing in several important ways: Nonsales activities are moving higher up the supply chain.

The company, in announcing the result, said it was focusing more on digital-media in its marketing, moving away from newspaper, magazine, and television advertising. The company's strategy calls for empowering sales associates to make judgments about the merchandising of products, the product mix, and inventory levels to meet the needs of consumers.

Focus on humans Mr. Greater access to information. The stores' broad focus just wasn't meeting their needs. Focus on Opportunities by Ken Cotrill Best Buy's supply chain approach has lessons for supply chain executives in industries far beyond retail: Focus less on cost and more on making sure the company is not missing opportunities to satisfy customers.

Russell P. To combat showrooming and persuade customers to complete their purchases at Best Buy, Mr.

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The essay also identifies an issue Best Buy is currently facing, and describes the role that information systems can play in improving the situation.

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