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Illustrations of IFL in Practice Having sought to establish from Scripture a conceptual framework for the integration of faith and learning, we should also note that the Bible also provides multiple examples of these concepts at work.

We believe that in these last days Christ Jesus will manifest Himself in a spiritual visitation to His elect Hosea ; Joeland after this visitation He will personally return to this earth as He went away.

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Christian education and the Bible. Those seeking a more thoughtful and well-founded Christian life should dive in! Some Philistines brought Jehoshaphat gifts and silver as tribute, and the Arabs brought him flocks: seven thousand seven hundred rams and seven thousand seven hundred goats" 2 Chron. Why do you think this is the case? We believe in the New Testament order and organization for the local church and in the authority of elders and deacons. Hocking, D. The integration of faith and learning also emphasizes the importance of moral values in the formation of the character. Of these, the Holy Spirit is paramount. There were, however, individuals who were especially commissioned for the work of teaching. Consider the Biblical examples provided e. An integrated Bible-based approach to language and literature might incorporate the understanding that it is God who gives the gift of creative expression Gen.

Furthermore, the Bible delineates the parameters of an integrated educational program, describes the role of divine and human instrumentalities in the educational process, and provides spiritual perspectives for both content and method. If so, why? Phillips, W.

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Galatians There were moments of revival and reformation, however, and these were brought about largely through education. Particularly, explore the ramifications of the "teacher as pastor" perspective in the integration of faith, learning, and life. The response of the learners involved listening, understanding, obedience, and worship. Phillipsburg: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing. We believe in the New Testament order for the family and home. Ephesians ; Romans ; Isaiah ; Romans ; Romans How might the various aspects of an educational program be brought into full submission to Jesus Christ, both philosophically and operationally? His heart is committed to protecting the doctrinal integrity of the church of Christ. We believe that there are biblical truths that are yet to be revealed by the Holy Spirit which will require our open hearts and acceptance to continue our walk with God into the days of His Kingdom. Revelation ; Ephesians , Revelation ; Romans Recommended Bible Translation Every Bible translation is an interpretation and as such the result of much research and reflection. Then Philip began with that very passage of Scripture and told him the good news about Jesus" Acts , We believe in separation from the world of sin, and in sanctification. The original text denotes something more than just learning about God.

References Giles, K. Introduction to Biblical Christian education. Wolterstorff, N. This was to be especially performed at the yearly feasts and during the sabbatical year Deut. Especially in the Evangelism phase, Foundational Teaching is very effective in preparing people to understand their need for the perfect sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and for understanding God in His holiness, love and dominion.

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Their brilliance and unwavering commitment to God-breathed truth is matched by their humility, cordiality, and irenic spirit.

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Setting Biblical Foundations