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It is not so clear whether similar limitations to her model hold as far as gender relations are concerned. On the one hand, male labour migration usually to the US has the obvious consequence that the males are not present when formal rights are being legally re-distributed. And finally: How can her work be used to enhance sustainability science today? These apparently reductionist generalizations were helpful to inform, stimulate and provoke further research. Signs 16 4 : What would happen if they ran out? Already her early book on agricultural change Boserup reopened the enduring theme of population growth and environmental resources: is it a Malthusian trap, with population growth overstretching natural resources, or does it primarily work the Boserupian way, with population growth stimulating technological innovation and opening new avenues for development? Schmook et al.

They find the substantial population growth of that period to have had relatively little impact on changing land use practices, but they see other innovations such as a diversification of livelihood pathways labour migration, non-agricultural occupations facilitated by globalization as more relevant solutions.

In Chap. In the eighth century the two-field system predominated in western Europe but by the twelfth and thirteenth centuries the three-field system had come to displace its two-field counterpart in high density regions.

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For the rest of her life, she worked as a consultant and writer. In cases dealing with more advanced industrial situations, such as Chap. Long fallow systems which are technologically simple associated only with the digging stick and the axe are displaced by bush fallow year fallow and short fallowing year fallow in which the plough is a prerequisite.

Finally, Ringhofer et al.

Boserup thesis geography

Further reading. Boserupian Theory[ edit ] Although Boserup's original theory was highly simplified and generalized, it proved instrumental in understanding agricultural patterns in developing countries.

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