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VMware support as consolidation SAP standard. Drag and drop-functionalities enable stakeholders to easily analyze figures. Very versatile and allows any level of granularity you desire to implement.

Sorry, the ecosystem planning be reached at the moment. Read the customer story. What information would help management decision making?

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FX rate handling is very robust. With the increased ability to disclose financial information from systems nowadays, management also requires more detailed information for the budget year after year.

The Key to Success Although some of its competitors were also considered, Data-Mail quickly realised the potential of the LucaNet solution. Skilled resources in the business and technology were integrated into a very collaborative team that focused on performance improvement.

Considering the common budget challenges, these challenges ask for a dynamic, easy-to-use Corporate Performance Management CPM software solution. Spend more time growing business and and less time closing the note by streamlining planning and achieving a faster, more accurate close.

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The traditional budgeting process starts with a mission statement formulated by the board of directors. This in-house development helped Accenture make the close process agile and improved performance.

What is the quantitative execution plan of operating units?

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SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) Software