Cell phone should be banned in school essay

Many schools accept the use of cell phones but experience a lot of frustration over them. For this reason teachers find cell phones distracting. Cellphones are modified forms of computers which are utilized mainly for communication that have rapidly spread throughout the world in less than 20 years.

mobile phone should not be banned in school

Firstly, through implementing some campus rules and some technological means, the negative impresses of using mobile phones will be eliminated properly Whether for entertainment, communication, research or reference, cell phones are used throughout the day in various capacities.

Only 2 percent of the foods offered at schools are fresh or dried fruit. Personally, I feel that if a cell phone remains off during class and is not used during the time when students are being educated then they should be permitted in schools. As youths get older, they become more responsible on how they use their phones.

Cell phone should be banned in school essay

Another very important thing to realize when it comes to this issue is that it is not only the texter who is missing out. Additionally, using mobile phones in schools has some positive influences. You cannot do your job and talk or text on your cell phone at the same time. Cell phones should be banned in schools because they distract students, allow cheating in Schools, and they can be dangerous.

reasons why cell phones should not be allowed in school essay
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Should Mobile Phones be Banned in Schools? Essay