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Consumer perception. They promote their product and brand in global sporting events such as: Olympics.

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Atul Sharma for substantial moral support throughout the project. First, a brief summary of the Nokia case study.

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To compare each company's strategic position Samsung was chosen. The advanced learners Dictionary of current English lays down the meaning of research as a careful investigation or inquiry especially through search for new facts in any branch of Knowledge What is comparative Marketing study? Samsung S3 smartphone is considered the high end product series in the smartphone market and we have chosen close competitors mainly Apple iPhone 4S and HTC One. Since the productivity of entrants has been found in the literature to be less than that of incumbents, the fact that there were more newly self-employed in the s and that their businesses did not survive long is likely related to the poorer productivity performance of the self-employment sector in the s compared to that of the self-employment sector in the s. Danny Leung and Chris Robinson: October 20, :This paper asks how and why the transition rates for males between non-employment, paid employment, own-account self-employment, and self-employment with paid help changed in Canada between the s and the s. Finally, the paper examines the strategy of firms that move to new markets after they withdraw from export markets in order to examine the differences that set them apart from their counterparts that do not find themselves able to adapt because they simply withdraw to their home domestic markets. Samsung had 18 state-level distribution offices and a direct dealer interface in India. First, a brief summary of the Nokia case study. It is therefore important to draw specific data to understand the needs and wants for those segmented clients. Therefore the attempt of my survey will be to obtain an indepth knowledge of the customers buying behavior. The benefits of products have to be communicated to customers. Financing options are crucial in case of high-priced products. At the origin of Samsung Group, Samsung Corporation was the trading arm of the group, epitomizing its vibrancy and dynamism in the area of global trade. The effectiveness of entry measured as market share captured differs considerably more across industries than does its intensity measured in terms of the percentage of new firms experimenting with entry at any point in time.

Consumers prefer buying phones with contracted lines and this might suggest Samsung can consider giving a better incentive to telcos and dealers to further boost up their sales. The study will also include the survey which will be targeting about dealers in the area of Chandigarh.

We have given out to 41 respondents and used 30 of them for analysis 11 were deemed as void due to insufficient information or non completion 2.

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Samsung is a group that had expanded into many areas such as food processing, textiles insurance, securities and retail. Last but not the least; I thank my parents and teachers for bringing me up in a successful environment and teaching me all the basic etiquettes and ethics required for my growth in an organization. Analysis of Dealers Questionnaire on AC 7. The copy of questionnaire is being attached with this report. The third application shows product taxes by type of expenditure and type of tax. Chander Mohan, Mr. To date, the group has to its credit Malaysias Petronas building, the worlds highest edifice, m high, boasting 92 stories aboveground; New Busan Port; Incheon Intl Airport; Ulchin Nuclear Power Plant; and Raemian and Trapalace, the apartment complexes. From means of communication via SMS and calls, hand phone or rather Smartphone serves consumers a far range of functions today. But actually the nature of a product can be further explored in 3 levels. Sanjeev Chadda, Mr.

The information-centric users are more introverted. In a continuing bid to expand its business area beyond the confines of international trade, inSamsung Corporation merged with Samsung Construction, and inlaunched into the retail business.

Findings of the Report We hope that with this survey finding we can better understand the needs of smartphone users, why they will or will not be using and also the reason why others are not using Samsung smartphone and the likelihood of them using Samsung in future.

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