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The two short stories which are characterized by a gothic and mysterious atmosphere has a very similar plot setting, but how do you differ the reason for killing an old innocent man TTHand a sudden hanging of the cat that you used to love BC?

Write the characteristics specific to cats in Circle B. PLOT The Elements of Plot When we refer to the plot of a work of fiction, then, we are referring to the deliberately arranged sequence of interrelated events that constitute the basic narrative structure of a novel or a short story.

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Madmen know nothing. Both narrators in these stories are — just prior to their atrocities — considered to be normal, average, commonplace men. Likewise, "Ligeia"is set in an old castle on the Rhine or else in an abbey in the "most remote part of England. In "The Black Cat" the cat got the narrator caught by the police.

If its a nice day, you might even take this activity outdoors; use chalk to draw the diagrams circles on the pavement or use rope to draw them on the grass.

In fact the nameless I-narrator directly tries to influence his readership in the kind of way he tells the story.

Compare and contrast the fall of the house of usher and the tell tale heart

They might also include statement that were discussed in their groups but that were not included in the active part of the activity. Not surprisingly, both stories have many qualities in common: 1 In addition to the gothic elements, there is also a sense of remoteness and a sense of indefiniteness — that is, we are never told where "The Fall of the House of Usher" takes place in terms of setting; it could be in Ireland, Virginia, Scotland, Germany, or even Transylvania. Both stories tell the tale of a carefully planned and constructed murder. He never, however, has the flashes of genius that the detective exhibits; instead, he begins the tradition of the chronicler of the famous detective's exploits — that is, he mediates between reader and detective, presenting what information he has to the reader, while allowing the detective to keep certain information and interpretations to himself. Write the word Dog under Circle A. Submitted By Alexis H. When the police came to his house, the cat starting scratching the walls and making moaning sounds. The reader is forced to identify himself with a mad person. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. In "The Tell Tall Heart " he writes it from the perspective of the narrator who kills the old man. The reader is offered a deep glance into the abyss of the human mind and psyche. A detective story in which the solution is suddenly revealed to the reader is considered bad form. It grew louder — louder — louder! Poe invented the term "Tale of Ratiocination.

In both stories treated here, the criminal is so completely occupied with his own mental state and in justifying his horrifying actions that the reader is not nearly as aghast at the horrors that the criminal perpetrates, as he is at the bizarre mental state of the criminal.

In conclusion, in both of these stories, the narrator attempts a rational examination and explanation for his impulsive and irrational actions.

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For example, in "The Cask of Amontillado, "the entombed body of Fortunato has gone for fifty years without being detected; thus we know that the entombment occurred at least fifty years ago. Have the students diagram the plot of the story so they can see how plot development works. The narrator had left the cat inside his basement walls with his dead wife.

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