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Be sure to choose the printer and page size you plan to use first to ensure that the preview is accurate.

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Here's more information on how to make each of these settings. The custom theme that you just saved is listed at the top left corner, named Default Theme. Then on the Design tab, click Slide Size and choose the size you want for a default. Design your slides, taking into account any unprintable margins your printer may have. Sizing applies to all slides in a presentation Some folks have asked about resizing one slide within a presentation. Step 8: Click the Printer Properties button and choose to print on legal paper. Step 3: Change the Slide Size In the Slide Size window, you can set the orientation of your slides, notes, handouts and outline. The legal paper size is often ideal for certain types of presentations, particularly if you need the extra page space when you print the presentation. Then, press and hold the CTRL key on your keyboard and click the other slides that you want selected. Step 3: Click the Slide Size button in the Customize section at the far right end of the ribbon, then click the Custom Slide Size option. To check the range of paper sizes that your printer can print on, consult the manual for your printer, or view the paper sizes that are currently set for your printer in the Print Setup dialog box. You can also create a bleed off the edge of the page by printing on paper that is larger than your publication and trimming it down to the finished size, and you can print multiple pages on a single sheet. If the Slide size matches a defined page size in your printer's driver settings, choose the matching printer page size, then turn "Scale to fit paper" off and print. Most people need to click the Slides sized for drop-down list and select one of the many available options. Style your timeline and print when ready.

If the Slide Size is larger than the paper, you get as much of the middle of the slide as fits on the paper; the rest is cropped at the edges. From here, you can also choose a printer, the number of copies to print, the number of slides printed on a page, and the paper orientation, among other options.

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On the File menu, click Print Setup. For more information on creating new custom page sizes, please see: Custom Page Size dialog box.

One print job, Three print settings PowerPoint looks at three different things when it decides how large to print slides: The PowerPoint Slide Size setting in the File, Page Setup dialog box: this determines how large an imaginary slide is.

The thumbnail image looks like a widescreen slide, but in reality, when you create a new presentation based on that theme, the presentation has the aspect ratio that you've defined for this default theme. Change the orientation of the page You can change the orientation of your page to and from Portrait and Landscape.

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You'll see your newly saved theme under a Custom heading. On the File tab of the toolbar ribbon, select New.

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Printing a Slide to Fit a Paper Size