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Clear history of theorists lines Marx Durkheim. Penal law is concerned with sanctions only, and there is no mention of obligations. In this, it differs from particular or individual consciences. Overall, he wanted to prove that all people work together and society influences most of their actions. Biography David Emile Durkheim was one of the founders of sociology. Durkheim believed that society shaped every aspect of human thought and behavior. In examining the roots of social solidarity, Durkheim regards the examination of systems of law as an important means of understanding morality. These would be formed by people in an industry, representing all the people in this sector. Marx, a conflict theorist, and Durkheim, a functionalist, sought to analyze and explain capitalist society. If science, art, and economic activity develop, it is in accordance with a necessity which is imposed upon men. Much of the manner in which sociology as an academic discipline is carried on follows Durkheim's suggestions and approach. He also agreed with Spencer's organic analogy , comparing society to a living organism. Although the proletariats were overworked, they were underpaid - but were paid enough to barely survive. Durkheim is regarded as one of the founders of sociology.

Introduction Adams and Sydie begin their discussion of early sociology with a presentation of the sociological work of conservative writers pp. Although the proletariats were overworked, they were underpaid - but were paid enough to barely survive.

At the individual level, rising suicide rates reflected a growing sense of malaise. Van Gennep further argued that Durkheim demonstrated a lack of critical stance towards his sources, collected by traders and priests, naively accepting their veracity, and that Durkheim interpreted freely from dubious data.

The book pioneered modern social research and served to distinguish social science from psychology and political philosophy.

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This new form is organic solidarity, and is characterized by dependence of individuals on each other within the division of labour, and by a certain form of cooperation. Because of this analogy, we propose to call the solidarity which is due to the division of labour, organic.

That is, since social solidarity is a concept that it not easily observable or measurable, Durkheim attempts to use systems of law as an index of forms and changes in socialsolidarity. Sociology can be distinguished from psychology in this way — noting that psychologists study individuals and their mental processes, whereas sociologists are concerned with the structures that influence social action and interaction.

It can be termed the collective or common consciousness. An offense left unpunished weakens to that degree the social unity.

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