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The training bag should be designed so it is easy to reach for treats. Rohan Draper, 7 English in Europe A number of more recent examples, however, show bag being used in Norwegian in senses that are closer to the more general definition 'container made of thin paper or plastic': te-bag, punching-bag, airbag, oljebag, doggy-bag, bag lady.

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Showbags may also be created for and named after current fadsespecially children's movies on current release. Common themes for showbags include confectionery brands, trademarked toys such as BarbieThe SimpsonsGI Joe and Batmanbroad areas of children's play interest such as "cowboy" or "pirate", and sporting teams.

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Trade Show Bag Set Available exclusively to attendants of an Australian trade show, this bag contained many items including a stationary set, pencil case with a pencil, eraser and a sharpener, stickers, and a shoe bag.

The official website of the Sydney Royal Easter Show lists the retail value of show bag contents, Summer Hayes 9 Past the Shallows I got you a show bag! The rising cost of showbags is often identified as a major negative aspect of shows.

These are a treat.

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Sometimes, they give you a bag with a zipper and pockets. Showbags are also known as sample bags, as they originally contained samples of the range of goods produced by a single vendor or brand group.

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