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The waste water generated in these areas normally percolates in the soil or evaporates. The uncollected wastes accumulate in the urban areas cause unhygienic conditions and release pollutants that leaches to surface and groundwater.

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We should directly focus on industrial ecosystem to attain the benefits of complete energy- economy — environment. Hunting Access Roads make it easy for people and goods to move long distances, but they also make it easier for hunters to reach animals in remote areas.

But roads, fences, dams and other structures can block these wildlife corridors, fragment habitat and push species towards extinction. According to a British thinker Malthusfor example, a growing population exerts pressure on agricultural land, causing environmental degradation, and forcing the cultivation of land of higher as well as poorer quality.

This includes the fragmentation and destruction of forests and other habitats, the interruption of migration routes, the draining of freshwater, and the erosion or pollution of the land. Agricultural productivity is dependent on irrigation.

Cars and trains may kill animals in their paths and bring noise and air pollution to previously undisturbed areas. In part, India's garbage crisis is from rising constion. Air emissions increased, water pollution worsened, forest cover decreased.

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Introduce clean coal technology to reduce the Carbon-dioxide emission of power generating system. India amended its constitution in Some of the few solid waste landfills India has, near its major cities, are overflowing and poorly managed. The cleaner energy supplies can be fulfilled by restructuring energy mix and improve energy efficiency, developing carbon-free renewable energy and effectively explore its power generating potential.

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We should directly focus on industrial ecosystem to attain the benefits of complete energy- economy — environment. Timber companies that have built roads through forests in the Congo Basin, have helped to fuel the bushmeat trade in that region and contributed to the overhunting of vulnerable species including gorillas, elephants and leopards. Many countries with population density similar or higher than India enjoy environmental quality as well as human quality of life far superior than India. Despite the active passage of laws by the central government of India, the reality of environmental quality mostly worsened between and The Waste water Treatment, reduces the Environmental Impact. Clean energy options should be developed by reducing the nationwide carbon-dioxide emission, increasing the share of low carbon energy in electricity generation systems and by securing stable energy supply by building a secure energy supply system to meet economic development goals. Wetlands may be destroyed, threats to already vulnerable species may increase, and communities that depend on the river basin may face consequences that include their displacement. Thus there should be a Low dependence on fossil fuels and imported energy. M approach Teach, Enforce, Advocate, Model. Public places and sidewalks are despoiled with filth and litter, rivers and canals act as garbage dumps. Indeed, forget waste segregation and recycling directive of the India's Supreme Court, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development estimates that up to 40 percent of municipal waste in India remains simply uncollected. Ecosystems can be destroyed during the creation or installation of infrastructure such as roads and dams, and these structures can facilitate further destruction that continues for decades. There is a long history of study and debate about the interactions between population growth and the environment.
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Essay on Energy, Economy and Environment