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While students with intellectual disabilities usually have poor memories, slow learning rates, attention problems, difficulty generalizing what they have learned and lack of motivation, there are effective educational strategies that teachers can use to help these students be more successful and ultimately improve their quality of life The three main learning styles are auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners.

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And, have better results. A central part of early childhood education is the development of social competence. A business plan is personal and should never be "canned" or prepared professionally by others. Hewardbelieves that students with intellectual disabilities learn best when instruction is explicit and systematic.

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In their academic article, Reading and Learning Strategies: Recommendations for the 21st Century, the authors have found that there are several models that will assist this group. If we want to face to the truth, we need to accept that most of the students never enjoy the class. This follows an understanding that a child does everything for a reason, and they benefit when a teacher appreciates what they do. Reading, writing, listening, pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar are important for an ELL student to learn. The most prominent are that of making sure that the student s understand the relevance of the information in conjunction with their everyday interactions Willis , It is critical that teachers incorporate all types of styles into their everyday lessons. A portion of the video transcript for the first day showing the interaction between the students and the teacher during the second explore was the first data analyzed.

For teacher to student collaboration, I want to know what the students want to learn, as this would help spark creativity in learning, and drive them to learn Most important for teachers is a consideration of what children already know in order to identify the objectives of learning.

As a business student who may teach in the future, I would like to keep up with the times and try to be understanding to the students.

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I work…. I would also want to build a friendly relationship with other teachers, sharing each of our successes and failures, always to improve ourselves to better educate our students. The community of learners, I'm focusing on, in this report are the at-risk literacy learners

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I think that it is important for teachers to teach what to do rather than just telling them what not to do One feature of developmentally appropriate teaching is that teachers acknowledge what children say and do. The focus of this report is on the implementation of strategies for diverse learners. This will always be a safe and positive environment for all students. This class was video-taped on both days of a two-day teach. Data was collected in order to analyze the use of questioning strategies in a whole class setting, and how these strategies improve student understanding of conic sections. There are many personality traits that are required to be an effective teacher. Every time I heard a new strategy I would implement it in my classroom immediately.
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