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If the children engage you, be polite but not engaging. Here is where you take the knowledge you already have about the teaching profession and use it to help your school run smoothly. Afterward the teacher and observer can discuss and analyze the information.

Introduction of field study

If it ever seems possible, try to sit at the front of the room sometimes so that you can see students faces. FS student shall request the signature of the resource teacher or person or the field study faculty immediately after the activity has been done 8. With the many diverse directions you can go, there is bound to be a career options that appeals to you. Notes can be made on the chart to record conversations and activity at various locations throughout the classroom. If the class is broken into smaller groups, the observer may record the discussion interaction in one of the groups. Students with different strengths can excel in this field because of the endless options. Scripting Lesson The observer keeps a running record of everything that happens during the instructional period to get an overview of the lesson. The observer records problem situations and how the teacher resolved each problem. This rubric can be discussed with the students as art of the orientation so they would know what criteria will be used and how their portfolio will be assessed. At the end of your observation, be sure to let the teacher know how much you appreciated the opportunity to observe. At the end of each observation session, plan to meet with your observation partners for 20 to 30 minutes. For example, maybe I thought the teacher was angry and aggressive in giving directions, my observation partner may have interpreted that same interaction as the teacher being clear and direct. While we want you to reflect deeply on the relationship between teaching, learning, and schooling, it is not appropriate to be negatively critical of the teachers we visit. It is important to appreciate that these teachers are being generous to let us come in and observe.

Note alternate interpretations your partners bring to the same situation. This allows the integration of the future teacher as first and foremost a person with beliefs, values and attitudes.

Ramasamy stresses that Reflective Practices highlighted Kolb on his model of experiential learning cycle regards the process of reflecting upon experience as crucial stage because experience without reflections does not lead on learning.

Here you would work with state standards and tests, instruction methods, and technology to make sure students are getting the best education possible. Careers There are a variety of career opportunities for those who enter the education field.

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FS student shall request the signature of the resource teacher or person or the field study faculty immediately after the activity has been done 8. Related Interests. Remember, this semester your task is to focus on observing and taking notes.

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Education as a Field of Study: What's Involved