Footnote to youth resolution

If there is anyone that has a bad intention with their sons or daughters, their parents will protect them and be at their side in able to protect their children from people with bad intentions.

Footnote to youth setting

She walked into the front of the casket and look at the poet silently and the slight woman said Alright, you can have him, all thats left on him When Mr. What point of view is used? The title The Mats was suitable to the story because it was connected at the whole plot or the sequence of events of the story. The most predominant element in the story was character and setting. Footnote to youth resolution. It does contain an impression that the author has a dramatic life and tell how she affected on what happen between her aunt and uncles relation. Angeles said the three names Josefina, Victoria and Conception. The mother looked at him, stopped in her tracks, and advance to the light and her voice was like a bell of safety to the little girl. The irony was the part where Dodong had his first baby named Blas. Don Paeng followed her in the procession and beat up by a numbers of woman because he is not welcome at the procession then after that he wait at home for Donya Lupeng because she will teach her a lesson for what happen to him and what Donya Lupengs actions. She felt upset because she assumed that she and the carpenter will be together. The author made an efficient description of her and made the reader give an impression that she was a desperate lover because of the conversation of the characters. Nowadays people are conscious about that so many parents are giving much time on their childrens security and forbidding their child on the things that can harmed them.

The little girl went to her, and the mother knelt down and said, turn around. The Mats By Francisco Arcellana 1. The story was incomplete especially the ending part.

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I dont feel any suspense scene at the story but there is a surprise ending. Explain your answers by giving examples.

Conflict of footnote to youth

Angeles got married and it was served on the wedding night. She showed courageousness and teach Vicente a lesson that he will never forget. Nowadays people are conscious about that so many parents are giving much time on their childrens security and forbidding their child on the things that can harmed them. The climax of the story was the last part after Jaime distributed all the mats for the children but still there are three remaining mats that have names and having a deathly dull color. The foreshadowing was the part when Mr. After that she walk to the cafeteria and thought how easily she said, please wait for me or will you wait for me? The story started on the farm when Dodong thought to himself if he would tell to his father about Teang when he got home. It may have been a second that the slight woman stood there but it seemed like a long time. He picked it up and brought to the room where the light was brightest. Angeles said Do you think Id forgotten?

Dodong repeat what he said to his father. The climax of the story happened at the last part after Miss Mijares rode a jeep and wanted to get away but the man brushed against her until theyre first touch happens.

Footnote to youth characters

We must never make a decision when we are full of joy or when we are happy same as never ever made decision when youre down. The story have symbolism, the mats symbolizes Filipino culture because there are few people using mats as there cover to the floor when theyre sleeping. Guided in our inevitable decisions in life that could only cause our lives to be miserable someday. Angeles was coming home from his periodic inspection trips and it was a reason for celebration. The spelling of the names of the dead did not seem to glow or shine unlike the other living names. Do you think I can forget them? The story get started when Mr. It is a story of Dodong who made a mistake in the past and ended up in an unhappy life and he did not want his son to be like him. The title Footnote to Youth is suitable because it serves as a note or a reminder that the life of having your own family in a young age will not be easy as cake.

The falling action is after the mother slapped Vicente until he reached the lower landing and made his mouth shut.

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