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Samsung's stock keyboard has this option too. Besides, it might be faster and easier for you to take notes by hand with your Android.

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It adds an extra keyboard option to your device, which you can use in any app where you need to type. The app is compatible with styluses from Wacom, Adonit and Apple Pencil. You can also save your word in the user dictionary and any word which is input by you and not found in the dictionary will automatically added to your dictionary as you tap that word in the hint field. This app is helpful for the languages that can be challenging to type on a standard keyboard. Notes can be set up like sticky notes on your home screen, and notes can even shared with other apps. These are all excellent apps for stylus and S Pen users. Have this app now! There are well over half a dozen subscription options. With the best handwriting app for Android needs, you can quickly take notes without worrying about annoy auto-correct issues. It tries to focus on a no distraction experience. This app supports more than 50 languages and supports all kind of handwriting. With this app, you can also edit and format with your pen and this app allows you to write or remove content and space and also allow you to decorate and apply style.

Install Handwriting Memo 2. This app will make you more productive by just taking photos of handwritten notes instead of transcribing them. Never wade through crumpled pieces of paper, lose important flashes of inspiration or let an unreliable autocorrect impede your speed of thought again.

Thus, if you use Adobe Lightroom on mobile, you can easily make it work with the desktop version as well. Download this app now and make your work fast and speedy. Classic Notes is one of the simplest apps listed, and this is probably one of its selling points.

Here are some final app list recommendations!

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