Glue gun projects

Glue Gun Art Ideas ohohblog I could not believe it when I found out this cool coral art was made from hot glue.

Glue gun projects

Simply make the coral patterns with your glue gun and paint. This jewelry project actually is similar to the previous crafts I shared for making leaves and snowflakes. So drawing anything was totally out of the realm of decent looking ideas for me.

It makes for a very colorful, vibrant, happy look.

hot glue gun art

You need a couple colors of paint—black and silver or a metallic color of your choice —sand paper and tissue paper or toilet paper. Project Source and Instructions: savingmorethanme Make coasters the easy way.

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This project will teach you how you can transform them into a lovely hair accessory! You can also use it on 3D surfaces, for example Christmas ball ornaments: How cool is that? You use the hot glue to create the knobby textures which function as the grips for the wands, and then you paint over them so that they look like they are made entirely out of wood. Incidentally, it is also waterproof, technically tougher than the original case, and more likely to protect the electronics inside should you happen to drop it. I knew I had to figure out an easy way to make one. Optionally, you can add rhinestones or other embellishments. These look surprisingly easy to make. Here, all you need is a glue gun and you are up for the most fun, coolest, artistic projects you, your friends, the friends of your friends will love! Make a Harry Potter wand! This project would be time-consuming, but probably not too difficult, and the finished coral fans look absolutely awesome! You will notice from the steps that this project requires you to remove the existing flimsy plastic cover from the memory stick, and yes—you will be applying the melted glue directly to the gadget. Have fun with these awesome tutorials! Your trusty glue gun can be used to make lots of cool DIYs like this, and all you have to do with the glue once it cools is paint it. Here is another project which is very artsy.

Turn an Old T-Shirt Into An Old Headband If you liked the earlier project for turning leather scraps into a headband, you will love this simple variation. Once you have something you like, you go over the top of it with hot glue.

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