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The narrator presents his vision of Frome's story to us. The Fromes took her in. Despite injuries from the smash-up, including a permanent limp, Ethan manages to support the three of them by resuming working on the farm and in the sawmill. Zeena informs Ethan that she has "complications" and will need a "hired girl. Ethan Frome was a better story than Summer I thought too. Ned Hale's house to be cared for after the "smash-up" and Ethan is taken to the minister's house. Mattie makes supper and retrieves from a high shelf Zeena's treasured pickle dish, which Zeena, in a symbol of her stingy nature, never uses, in order to protect it. On the way to the train station, Ethan takes Mattie to Shadow Pond where they first fell in love with each other. During the dinner, the cat knocks Zeena's red dish off the table and it breaks on the floor. During his unexpected stay with Ethan, The Narrator is able to glean information about Ethan's life. Zeena is waiting up for them when they return, and the contrast between Zeena and Mattie could not be more defined.

This is not a romantic drama, characters are not heroes who die in a spectacular way but everyday people who do not even die, applying therefore Wharton's motto present also in The age of innocence and a few short stories that live sentence in much worse than death penalty.

The closest town to the plant is Starksfield, and there the narrator gets a taste of life in rural New England.

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During his unexpected stay with Ethan, The Narrator is able to glean information about Ethan's life. The following day, Ethan rushes through his work, then home to glue the red dish together before Zeena returns home.

As the main story begins, Mattie Silver, a cousin of Zeena's whose parents' deaths left her destitute, has been a part of the Frome household for a year. Most helpful essay resource ever!

But a year ago, Zeena's cousin, Mattie Silvercame to help Zeena with the housework. Ethan invites The Narrator to spend the night at his farmhouse.

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The setting signifies one fatalistic view in the novel solely through its name, Starkfield. But then his father dies suddenly and his mother becomes seriously ill. I sense Wharton was eager to jump into the meat of her story and simplified where possible. Zeena represents the idea of fatalism through her decisions that affect Ethan, which eventually ends the story by Ethan and Mattie having no other choice but their suicide attempt. With the intention of committing suicide, Mattie and Ethan head straight for the elm tree at the bottom of the hill. After supper, Zeena discovers the broken pickle dish and is heartbroken and enraged; this betrayal cements her determination to send Mattie away. Ethan tries to help by setting the dish's pieces neatly in the cupboard, presenting the false impression of wholeness if not examined closely, with plans to purchase some glue and fix it as soon as he can. Although Wharton portrays the landscape of Starkfield as pure, she also refers to a black forest. Ethan first refuses to go through with the plan, but in his despair that mirrors Mattie's, he ultimately agrees, and they get on the sled, clutching each other. He may talk about Ethan Frome, but he tells us nothing about him. A lot of things, such as, the lack of money, health, the landscape, communication problems and marriage play a big role in this prison-like situation… Words - Pages 3 ethan frome essay Cheyenne Pierre Mrs. She would read portions of her novel-in-progress each day to her good friend Walter Berry, who was an international lawyer. Many love but many hate. Even her situation is as complicated as his was straightforward: she lives with Mr. That night, Ethan kisses Mattie for the first time.

Before taking the sled down the hill again, Mattie tells Ethan that she would sooner die than to live without him.

The suicide attempt fails.

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Mattie reacts with shock but rapid acceptance, trying to calm Ethan, while Ethan becomes more agitated and begins to insist that he will not let her go.

Many authors use fatalism through their characters to show what can happen when people have a cynical outlook on life. After a year of marriage, Zeena became well known to the people in Starkfield for her "sickliness.

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Fatalism in Ethan Frome