How to write a gcse design specification

Design specification example

When it is disposed of, will it be recyclable, will it be able to be reused? What materials and finish will you use in the design and manufacture of your product? What materials, processes and finishes will you use, does this reflect the cost? Make notes or a mind map to help you decide. Primary the key essential elements 1. What did you learn from your product analysis Was form or function more important What do your intended users like and want your product to look like? What materials will you use in the packaging of the product? Why and how have made these decisions? This aims to ensure that the subsequent design and development of a product meets the needs of the user.

You must read through the context and then the design tasks. Extension Task: Now you have read through all the design briefs, choose your favourite and make notes and start to mind map as much detail as possible. This will have an effect on what type of materials you will use: luxurious materials such as It helps develop trust and understanding between the client and designer - and serves as an essential point of reference for both parties.

how to write a design specification

These can be found under the Galleries tab on the left. A specification is a list of goals that the final design must achieve. How safe will the product be to use? Will it be easy to transport?

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How big is the product generally going to be? When its being used, will it give off any emissions or pollution?

How to write a gcse design specification

When it is disposed of, will it be recyclable, will it be able to be reused? The unit can be used in a variety of environments. How will you reduce the risk of injury? Think very carefully about each task. Can you improve upon the products you analysed? Write down if the criteria is either essential or desirable? Is the cost of your product a result of what manufacturing processes mass produced, batched produced, one off you will use to commercially produce it? It is a list of statements that should reflect your findings from your research state some research findings about what your design should achieve. Who do you intend your consumer to be? How will you reduce the products carbon footprint?
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