Internal working model

Lyons-Ruth, K.

internal working models in attachment relationships

They studied women who had lost mothers, through separation or death, before they were The development of affective responsiveness in infant monkeys.

Asymptotic normality and the bootstrap in stratified sampling.

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Kernis Ed. Human nature and the social order. Findings: More than half of the juvenile thieves had been separated from their mothers for longer than six months during their first five years. The Strange Situation involves a series of separations and reunions between the mother and the infant which enables the observer to infer the history of their interactions. Unresolved attachment, PTSD, and dissociation in women with childhood abuse histories. Forty-four juvenile thieves: Their characters and home life. Infancy in Uganda: Infant care and the growth of attachment. Main was and is a linguistic genius. Child care and the growth of love. Latent variable structural equation modeling in cross cultural research: Multigroup and multilevel approaches.

These models, initially the product of specific experiences of reality, then aid future attention to and perception and interpretation of the world, which in turn creates certain expectations about possible future events, allowing foresightful and appropriate behaviour.

Rutter stresses that the quality of the attachment bond is the most important factor, rather than just deprivation in the critical period. Objects and object relating Although, when it comes to human relationships, it can at first seem alien to think in terms of objects and object relating, in psychoanalytic language and theory people are referred to as objects.

external working model

Sign-up now! By contrast, another infant may have a carer who is quite depressed, spending a lot of time in a self-absorbed state and with a generally low mood. Bretherton, I. If, for example, the baby finds that his feelings of hunger and his accompanying crying behaviour results in a prompt response from a loving adult who makes him feel better, he will learn that certain of his behaviours are linked with the positive behaviours of his caregiver.

My brother's keeper: Child and sibling caretaking.

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Internal working model of attachment