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Meanwhile the British agreed in the Jay Treaty of to surrender their forts within the American line. Awareness for trans and intersexed human rights have gained some momentum, but feminine hygiene products have largely left these groups ignored. Irritated by the growing American trade with Great Britain, the French seized American merchant ships on the high seas.

The new nation lacked the machinery of government.

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In addition, you will read about efforts to expand freedom of religion, to increase women's educational opportunities, and to address the problem of slavery. The founders recognized that the southern states would accept no union without at least implicit protections for slavery—a position embraced by the federal Constitution. The War Hawks boasted that the civilian-soldiers of the state militias would suffice to conquer Canada. In , Judith Sargent Murray wrote that God had "assigned the care of making the first impressions on the infant minds of the whole human race, a trust of more importance than the government of provinces and the marshaling of armies. Their nightmare nearly became reality in and around Richmond, Virginia, in By helping the Indians, the Spanish and the British hoped to keep the American settlements small, weak, and on the defensive. It also violated his very strict and literal construction of the federal Constitution, which did not explicitly authorize the purchase of new territory.

During the mids, however, the new nation seemed about to collapse as quickly as it had been created. Jefferson regarded this rustic setting as perfect for the weak federal government that he desired, for he sought to decentralize power by reducing the power of the federal government to give a greater share to the states, which he saw as more democratic because they were closer to the people.

The Revolution led some leaders, including Jefferson, Madison, and Washington, to discern the hypocrisy of preaching liberty while practicing slavery, but they felt stymied by the economic importance and political popularity of slavery to most white southerners.

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For a full list of bills click here. Where Federalists spoke of themselves as "Fathers of the People," the Republicans preferred the more egalitarian identity as "Friends of the People.

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