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life of a fashion design student

It sounds cheesy but it really is a dream come true for me and I feel so lucky that I get to do what I love every day with an amazing team of creative, passionate people.

I love watching films normally anything fantasy, sci-fi or period but I absolutely love the fact the full series of Friends is on Netflix right now!

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I have a huge glass of warm water with a slice of lemon first thing. Some designers begin their day as early as 4 a.

Fashion designer qualifications

What do you watch on TV? Fashion opened up to the public. Fashion designers who work for larger firms are often required to work with others in the office, so communication skills are essential. The job may often be challenging, but a day in the life of a fashion designer is rarely boring. A few years on and Kitri, and Haeni, has been featured in Vogue and various other fashion bibles and praised for providing unique, fresh and comfortable clothing that due to it's small product run you are unlikely to see your colleagues wearing. Find out what it's like to be a fashion designer and follow Haeni through her day Few other professions depend so much on keeping on top of fickle popular opinion and watching what competitors produce. One may be in charge of shepherding all designs through the production process. Wages are solid, the hours are long but manageable, and connections are extensive. My favourite breakfast is a classic Eggs Royale with delicious hollandaise and spinach on the side but during the week, I have my super strong black coffee in a ginormous mug when I get into the office and grab a banana halfway through the morning between meetings.

Fashion designers may be called to perform many different duties depending upon for whom they are working. It would be a good idea to bring along a seamstress for those last minute alterations.

This includes analyzing the latest trends in fabrics, colors, and shapes. The job may often be challenging, but a day in the life of a fashion designer is rarely boring.

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. What do you have for lunch at work? The fashion designer has to have all the tools that help make the garments perfect.

What does a fashion designer do on a daily basis

Fashion designers are involved in every phase of designing, showing, and producing all types of clothing, from bathing suits to evening gowns. What do you have for breakfast? Designers gain valuable experience around this time working with production and advertising people. What does you day at work look like? This may mean waking up very early in the morning. But the concept of fashion, applied to the world at large, has become a democratic principle. Talk us through your evening routineā€¦ I try to catch up with my best friends whenever we are all in London. A few fashion designers will be lucky enough to travel to meet with others in the field. Those with talent, vision, determination, and ambition can succeed in this difficult, demanding, and highly competitive industry. Some items may need to be steamed to remove wrinkles, additional fitting may be required, and all the outfits and accessories need to be organized.

Talk us through your morning routine After all, he or she is surrounded by beauty all the time. I like to wear something from our range every day.

The constant challenge year designers face is in reinventing themselves and proving themselves relevant in the fast-changing world of fashion design.

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A Day in the Life of a Fashion Designer