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Mohamed argues that employers in the UK search for graduates, who are capable of adding value to their economic strength and well, enhance their reputation. As such, the recruitment and selection process forms an integral part of the works undertaken by human resource management and other specialists involved in the graduate and recruitment process.

Literature review on recruitment and selection practices of rbl

Face-to-face Interviews This is the most commonly used recruitment strategy among many employers in the graduate recruitment and selection process within the UK. There are ten major steps in the selection process as identified by Rebore , they include 1. Career and Recruitment Fairs Career and recruitment fairs are often ideal places for promoting entry-level jobs for fresh graduates and as well, for those individuals, who are willing to change their jobs. In addition, recruitment of effective leaders involves designing effective policies and procedures aligned, with state and federal standards. At the programs end, 25 people graduated and 16 were received a principal or assistant principal position at a Newark public school. As such, only 21 per cent of respondents argued that the level of degree qualification was more important as compared the degree subject. Commonly used mechanisms and tools include face-to-face interviews, internet, agencies, and tests, among others. Much of this research has, however, concentrated on different aspects within the recruitment and selection process in different organizations across the work. Organizations wishing to recruit workers often post their jobs to internet sites for a modest period where they remain available hours a day.

This can be attributed to the different trends and developments that have occurred in the recruitment and selection methods. Elk Asia pacific journal of human resource management and organizational behavior, Volume 4, Issue 1 Eunmi Mun. Similarly, they have greater access to the criteria needed by the hiring companies.

However, a large percentage 87 per cent stated that the degree classification was more important than other factors.

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The need for effective leaders is overflowing. Many things happen during this stage because the recruitment tools and strategies are applied during this stage including interviews, face-to-face meetings, and other forms of communicating the selection procedure.

These steps make it possible to recruit effective leaders. Additionally, companies advertise and promote the available employment opportunities directly to the participating students. E-mail: pjohnson9 pvamu. After interviews are conducted, hiring managers and human resources personnel meet and select a candidate to offer the job to.

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