Literature review software engineering

Patterns of folder use and project popularity:A case study of GitHub repositories.

Kitchenham guidelines for slr

Kitchenham, T. Ikram, and M. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, , 22 2 The results of this review showed that very few studies have specifically focused on SPI for Web companies, despite the large number of existing Web companies worldwide, and the even larger number of Web applications being currently developed. Carver, D. Mulrow, and R. How and why developers use the dynamic features of programming languages:The case of small-talk. Archetypal personalities of software engineers and their work preferences:A new perspective for empirical studies. Experimentation in Software Engineering. Brereton, B. Hassler, E. Wiley-Blackwell, Preview Unable to display preview. Torres, D. Houghton Mifflin,

Results: Study participants found broadly the same problems as software engineering SE researchers with the SR process. A systematic mapping study of empirical studies on software cloud testing methods.

Journal of Policy Analysis and Management,22 2 An empirically based terminology and taxonomy for global software engineering.

empirical evidence in literature review

The innovative behaviour of software engineers:Findings from a pilot case study. Ramampiaro, D.

Literature review software engineering

Replication of empirical studies in software engineering:An update of a systematic mapping study. Preciado, J.

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Empirical Research in Software Engineering