Lost and heart broken in the story of my worst christmas experience

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I know we could never replace anyone, just know there are others that do care for you… this goes for anyone who is lonely. Everything is extraordinary in its own right.

Lost and heart broken in the story of my worst christmas experience

It will always be the most difficult and tiring time of the year for me. Advertisement I found a gift check from my dad to me in one of them, but it was over ninety days old. And she continued breathing on her own. Advertisement Christmas Day arrived and I handed my Gran her gifts. Unfortunately, as I was running in, I tripped over a rug and smashed my teeth against my parents bed post. And YES!!! Advertisement I am an only child and my dad lost his parents too, so we were all really, really close to my grandma. Definitely not the healthiest way to deal with a grieving heart but it was all I could do at the time to tolerate the deep loneliness I felt. I may just do that.

With the passing of time I now have the luxury of perspective and I can appreciate the many precious gifts I received that winter. Hard times are like strong storms that blow against your body and mind.

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Neither one of us could eat or sleep. As a young adult I do feel very responsible to try and pick up the pieces for my family and help out.

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My 4 Siblings have already Passed away as well as both parents. And then, after my dad passed away three years later, I went and opened the cards from the previous Christmas. To this day it is still too hard to bring it up. Advertisement Finally, I ran out of liquids and preceded to dry heave for the next 8 hours. We will see what comes! Though it can be easier said than done, try not to let those around you pressure you. Suddenly I felt I had something to live for. Safe to say, Christmas has been a lot better since they got divorced.

Advertisement I put it on to simmer as we all sat down to eat lunch. I was at the hospital when they called the code blue in the ICU. Up until now I have had no health problems.

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