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He later took a position as an International Sales and Marketing Representative for a major agricultural brokerage and supply firm in Sao Paulo. You can also attach the drawings of the building to show its structure and size.

Investors like to see vigorous, committed, involved people in the companies they back. Be sure to include all of the following parts, where applicable: You.

management and ownership business plan sample

This will make it easy for your readers to understand. Each time you mention skills that you or a member of your management team has spent years acquiring at another company, it will be another reason for an investor to believe you can do it at your own company.

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If your marketing work is going to be handled by the CFO until you get a little further down the road, let readers know this up front. An Advisory Board of just two or three people can be a powerful management tool for a small business.

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How to Write a Management Plan: Your Complete Step