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According to him, he was met with conflicting information from numerous professionals; several spine surgeons recommended spinal surgery to continue his career, while physicians at a Florida-based spine institute claimed that spinal surgery would effectively end his career.

John Ritter Background Comedic actor John Ritter tragically passed away in when he suffered an aortic dissection, a tear in the inner layer of the aorta. Staff immediately responded and the patient was assessed by the ED practitioner. As a result of waiting, Applewhite retained severe brain damage and paralysis, including the inability to walk, talk, and take care of herself normally.

The defense nursing expert opined that the nursing assessment completed in the ED correctly identified the patient as a high risk for falls and nursing interventions were implemented to help reduce the likelihood of a fall. The conference was organized in part to dispel some of the misinformation that interferes with cooperative efforts of attorneys and physicians to redress the malpractice situation.

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The surgery involved removing her jaw from the left side of the chin to behind her right ear, replacing the bone with a fibula from her leg. Unfamiliarity to established policies and protocols is not a defense, especially if a clinician has acknowledged receiving education on such policies and protocols.

The doctors stated that removing a portion of her jaw may extend her life by three more months, so Tutt agreed to it.

As a result, Sizemore experienced 29 minutes of painful surgery before the doctors noticed and properly administered general anesthesia.

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The next day, Navarro had to undergo surgery to relieve swelling in his brain, and he spent nearly three months in a coma. Julie Andrews Background The famous singer and actor of classic films and musicals, including The Sound of Music, decided to have a throat operation in after developing noncancerous nodules on her vocal cords that were giving her discomfort when singing.

Nikita Levy, a gynecologist who was employed there for over 25 years. The ambulance arrived 20 minutes later, gave Applewhite the necessary care, and then transported her to the hospital.

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Medical Negligence Case Studies