Memoir essay assignment

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Pick one from your list. Bring to class on paper. Dawn S. It should fit into one of these two genres of creative nonfiction memoir or personal essay. Is there some irony? Check your syllabus for proper formatting of the paper. Place your paper in a three-hole paper binder. Use this exploration of a previous event to shed light on the present. What tone do you want to share with your readers? Follow the advice on pgs. Resources Chapter 3 in Bridging the Difference: A Guide to Academic Writing Blackboard list of possible memoir topics Handout on open form prose Assigned reading links Grading Be aware of the rhetorical situation in which you are producing this essay. Follow guidelines given in the syllabus and in class.

Use the strategies about open form writing that we discuss in class. The structure and language of your memoir should reflect an awareness of purpose, audience, genre, and discursive style.

Memoir essay assignment

Audience: Think of your audience as your children or grandchildren sometime in the future. Make a map of the scene. The paper will be words long.

How has this event changed me? Behind your paper, place all drafts and invention and arrangement documents. It will not be shorter nor longer than that. Bring typed draft to class that day. Does it mean the same thing for everyone involved? What did the event mean? Use only original work created for this class please. Or a spouse. Knowing this, write a page essay that focuses on an event, a person or people, or place that is important to you. This assignment will not self-destruct. The memoir asks the following: Why was this event of particular significance? Use this exploration of a previous event to shed light on the present. As you have seen, it is chalk-full of useful information, so please refer to it often and save yourself from embarrassing, frantic two a. You can interview others about the topic or do research about the topic, but the essay should be your personal narrative and reveal something about you. If the personal essay explores a topic free from need for interpretation, the memoir interprets, analyzes and seeks a deeper meaning beneath the surface experience of particular events.

What purpose does it serve? Check your syllabus for proper formatting of the paper.

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Humor and satire are welcome but not required. Do different people draw different meanings from the story?

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Use chronology.

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Memoir or Personal Essay Assignment