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Then came John Major inand lost the vote in They gave the president enough power to check and balance Congress but not enough power to overrun Congress.

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It appears that he was favourably inclined to Congress though he did not openly express himself in this regard. Once two tier Desai cabinet was formed, Prime Minister did not use his discretion to re-shuffle the cabinet, due to differences in the party, which otherwise would have been aggravated. In , after the emergency was lifted and elections were held in the country, for the first time in the history of independent India. Prime Minister decided to keep the portfolios of these Ministers not be filled by any new incumbent. The old story was once again repeated. Shrimali, Lai Bahadur Shastri and B. It is only when the members of the cabinet, both in the matters of their appointment as well as in the matter of their dismissal, are placed under Prime Minister that it would be possible to realise our ideal of collective responsibility. But after some time his cabinet collegue Arjun Singh and his followers laid stress on one man, one party rule, which meant that Rao should leave either Prime Ministership or position of party President but he could not get much support from his party colleagues. The Prime Minister on the other hand, used to say to the people to pull him up if they felt that he was erring in any direction. The glamour got attached to their name gradually begins to vanish. Thimayya, yet in view of their personal equation they never created any difficulties for each other. During his life time for two years he was in Rashtrapati Bhawan, practically nothing happened- which; personal equation between the President and the Prime Minister. As a Prime Minister of India I would see that the poverty is vanished from this land for ever and people get at least two square meals a day.

His death on 27th May,created a new situation. In the 19th Century, Bagehot wrote in the English constitutionthat parliamentary government had been superseded by Cabinet Government - that the theoretical sovereignty of parliament had been delegated to the executive for all practical purposes The party bosses had all along remained under the control of Prime Minister Nehru who was both the leader of the government as well as that of the party.

The prime minister leads the executive branch of the Government of India.

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The formal powers of the Prime Minister are extensive. Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, had very happy relations with the President.

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For example a Cabinet Committee on employment would include the education and employment secretary, the chancellor, and the secretary of state for Trade and Industry. It has been recognised as a national party and given an election symbol. One who was not known to the country as a whole, becomes a policy maker of the nation. A Prime Minister is the most senior minister of cabinet in the executive branch of government in a parliamentary system. During his Presidency both Nehru and his daughter Smt. They too had incredible powers and saved lives, so why not consider them heroes and idolize them? Sir Robert Walpole, while universally recognized as the first prime minister of Britain, did not actually hold the title. This makes it too large to look at detailed policies so what tends to happen is that ministers concerned with a particular issue meet in a 'Cabinet Committee'.
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