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Find me on Upwork. It really pays to have someone outside of you and your work do this for you. A well-written book blurb can mean more interest in your book, which can lead to more sales.

How he was able to construct something so powerful and professional sounding so easily is beyond me. I am a close reading nerd, and I notice everything. Frederick Johnson was assigned to write the blurb for Dog Inspired Lessonsmy second book. You want the book blurb to grab their attention and keep them reading.

I have written my own blurbs in the past, but never again. You will have to wait five or even seven days to get any results. Highly recommended.

As I work with you throughout the editing process, I may send you questions about the story to assist me in the editing process, as well as writing the book blurb. The questions may include clarification on details provided, inquiring about more details in the story, information about your characters, or other question to help me better understand your story.

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My Book Blurb Writing Services I offer authors two options for book blurb writing services: a standalone service or an add-on service to an editing project. And I am more than competent to do so. In the case of this particular service the time it will take to write the blurb may be greater than the reading time, which is why the fee is relatively high. If your book is unique, I will make that clear by composing an equally unique blurb. You want the book blurb to grab their attention and keep them reading. I hate when i dont receive emails later than 1 day. He nails it every time. Find me on Upwork.
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