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Despite what cynics say, the American people are hopeful and waiting for something great. Take this bond away and it will create a difficult and almost impossible journey for the two men in this novel. Dreams help the characters feel like more active participants in their own lives because they allow them to believe that the choices they make can have real, tangible benefits. Leonard English 9H Per. In their darkest moments, George and Lennie invoke their ranch like a spell that can temper their daily sufferings and injustices. The book I feel Steinbeck has created complex characters to support the strong and powerful themes he explores throughout the novella.

The characters are composites to a certain extent. He clearly disguises, each character 's problem.

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He is very depended on his friend George. Lennie is large, big built, hard working but mentally disabled. American Dream Lost It is the natural inclination of all men to dream.

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At the same time, they know that they need friendships because that is what formed them to be who they are today. Poverty and unemployment were common, thus, leading to large amounts of migrant workers. There's Crooks, the negro stable buck; Curley's wife, whose marriage to Curley hasn't exactly been lively; and George and Lennie, whose friendship is strong enough to get them to a better life and out of the negetive cycle that the average migrant worker became trapped Lennie Small is a main character and not many people understand what kind of person Lennie is. The text is set in the context of The Great Depression when the world was going the a global economic recession. How true is this for the characters of Mice and Men. Some may have short-term goals, and others may have life-long ambitions.

Another way is it allows the reader to experience the action as the character is experiencing it. Due to this, the concept of the American Dream became even more idealized. A novel which tells the story of two men, George and Lennie, and their journey of a new job working on a ranch.

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