Power and energy crisis of bangladesh

In the Govt. Accounting this, the power generation capacity from renewable energy sources exceeds five percent of the country's total demand. Bangladesh borders India on 3 frontiers: west, north and east, Myanmar on the south-east, and the Bay of Bengal on the south [2]. Transformational energy access would still cost more.

The only coal mine of the country is in the development stage, the reserve of which is also expected to dry up anywhere from 75 to 80 years after the start of their operations.

In Bangladesh, access to electricity was nearly 60 percent inwhich is the lowest among all the nine Asian LDCs, according to the report.

energy policy of bangladesh

When asked why the data was used, Fahmida explained that when many countries are compared data on all nations cannot be found. The low case GDP figures average annual rate is 4.

Power and energy bangladesh

If we can make electricity available for all it will be helpful in attaining SDGs. In fact, more than three-quarters of the nation's commercial energy demand is being met by natural gas. The low case GDP figures average annual rate is 4. And with those Bangladesh has maintained her pride among the developing countries for more than 40 years. The Unctad said more than 40 percent of businesses operating in the LDCs are held back by inadequate, unreliable and unaffordable electricity. Get Essay But for how long can Bangladesh maintain this? At that time other than some private companies, power was used to be generated by some isolated industries like tea, sugar, textiles and railway workshops. Better still, the report says, would be for international donors to honour their longstanding commitment to providing at least 0.

This massive failure in the energy sector is mostly attributed to prolonged negligence, inappropriate implementation, inefficiency and lack of planning. The access to power rose to 76 percent on the back of an increase in power production by three times in the last nine years, according to the power division of the government.

Table:Socio-economic and Demographic Information.

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Energy crisis a threat to SDGs