Providing care to underserved communities essay help

Providing care to underserved communities essay help

Me: Good morning, it is such as pleasure for me to be here and discuss the significant changes in health care that had occurred in the past years in the United States and worldwide. While gaining experiences in college, the curriculum encompasses very many course units thereby giving me an advantage of dealing with a variety of various kinds of illnesses. Every time we elevate to a new level of knowledge, we must consider the evidence that has built our foundation. I look down at my feet where I notice my feet covered in dust from the dirty ground that resides beneath me. These long term facility providers in Texas come in a variety of forms, including hospice, adult day care centers, nursing homes, or assisted living facilities Department of Aging and Disability Services [DADS], I took courses as part of my graduation requirement. The mission of the Nurse Corps states the goals to be health equity, quality services, and improved health workplace. You repeat that phrase " I have been fortunate to gain" again in this para the same had been said in the previous one too. Benjamin, M. Often times, patients in these vulnerable areas are victim to chronic illness or disabilities. Students who graduate are advised to have early positive clinical experiences with community health centers immediately after their graduation within the community health centers.

The landscape for pharmacists is changing as are the care settings in serving at risk populations. It has also been realized that there are few physicians to serve the patients.

I look down at my feet where I notice my feet covered in dust from the dirty ground that resides beneath me.

providing healthcare to the poor

To me, an underserved community is one that lacks the basic necessities of life. First of all, My main goal in life is to love and serve people that is the more reason why I choose a career in nursing because I will have the opportunity to serve and provide quality care to patients in underserved communities He provides primary care for patients who often are homeless.

how can nurses help the poor

As a result, I worked as a high school teacher till my husband and I came to the U. Many people in Guyana face the problem of lack of physicians to meet their basic needs of health care. The aim of this assignment is to explore the application of theory to practice with regards to a client with a mental health problem.

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Underserved populations Essay Example