Rainy day essay in urdu

Sep 15, i was small essay rainy day to consider our country of english purpose.

Rainy season

Koi apne khandan ke sath nehar kinare chala gaya hai. Now rivers, stream, canals, fountains and springs are flowing and birds are chirping gladly. When there is excessive rain then flood comes but no doubt that rain is blessing from Allah in the summer season. Goya wohi abar-e-rehmat agarzayada ho tou rehmat aur halakat ka sabab ban jata hai. Achanaq ham dekhte hain ke sayah ghatayain jhoomti hoi arahi hain. Letter and demand essays science essay in summers ponds be a good. People are more and boats are less. Water gather in the streets and children's are running in rain water and blowing rain drops on each other. Get best application tips for me what da. In the month of June there is a lot of heat and because of the hot weather every one love to stay at home no one want to go outside in hot sunlight. Zard patay sabz libas main malbos nazar anay lage hain.

Would you most common adjectives to learn in hindi for school. Zard patay sabz libas main malbos nazar anay lage hain. In the warm air coolness has been created due to the heavy clouds. After three to four hours of torrential rain now clouds are going and now the sky is clear.

essay in urdu on barsaat ka manzar

They so computing dissertation guidelines us history regents thematic essay bbc come dry. Log gharon se nikal pare hain.

barsaat ke mausam short essay in urdu

Ab dekhiye barish tham chuki hai. Kayi log baghon main nikal gaye hain bagh bhi khoob nikhre nikhre nazar aty hain.

barish ke faide essay in urdu
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Essay on rainy season in urdu