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According to the site, although some articles are behind paywalls, "the data [they] have for those articles is limited," so you can expect to receive mostly full-text results.

It is run by Cornell University Library and now offers open access to more than one million e-prints. In addition to a straightforward keyword search, CORE offers advanced search options to filter results by publication type, year, language, journal, repository, and author.

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Subscription fees and paywalls are often the bane of students and academics, especially those at small institutions who don't have access to many article directories and repositories.

EconBiz EconBiz is a great resource for economic and business studies.

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You can find plenty of articles and academic publications using this platform. The site indexes more than three million publications, making it an invaluable resource in the world of computer science. Did we miss any? All the information is free to access, and it provides facts about every country in the world, including information about history, geography, transportation, and much more. It provides free access to peer-reviewed journals from third world countries. Although some full texts are behind paywalls, you can limit your search to items available for immediate download, either directly through EThOS or through an institution's website. Although you do need to register to view the full text of the articles, registration is free. It is, however, a highly useful research database for academics in a variety of disciplines. All the journals are thoroughly peer-reviewed. Although it provides access to both free access articles and those behind a paywall, you can limit your search to only full-text articles. In addition to providing readers with easy access to thousands of journals, Paperity seeks to help authors reach their audiences and help journals raise exposure to boost readership. Sixty percent of its content is open access, and you can filter your search accordingly. The site offers more than , abstracts and more than , full-text papers. According to the site, "all PLOS content is at the highest possible level of open access, meaning that scientific articles are immediately and freely available to anyone, anywhere.

You can browse by document type, date, author, title, and more or search for keywords relevant to your topic. Intrigued, you search for keywords related to your topic, only to discover that you must pay a hefty subscription fee to access the service. While researching an important paper, you come across an online journal database that claims to connect academics to high-quality peer-reviewed research.

Founded init has 70 journals across 15 countries that offer information on subjects like crop science, biodiversity, public health and international development. The academic directory is totally free of cost and provides easy and simple access to plethora of information covering scientific subject-matters.

They provide a one-stop solution to all research-related needs for a scientific paper. Semantic Scholar A unique and easy-to-use resource, Semantic Scholar harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to efficiently sort through millions of science-related papers based on your search terms.

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