Role of teachers in the communityc essay

We are influenced by some group of people in the wrong direction.

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Few colleges and teachers just teaching for money and students are directed to earn money. But we can lead and guide the coming generation on the right path.

A developed society with good people helps others to become successful and happy. Together with the changes, new expectations appeared towards our schools.

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But this is not possible without self-analysis. We would like to give a glance on the relationship between the answers of practising teachers and the image of future teachers in EU documents. First of all, teachers in modern classrooms are no longer lecturers, they are facilitators, their main task is to set goals and organise the learning process accordingly. But what is the difference between a master and an artist? A great teacher should constantly adapt to change in a society and particularly adapt to the way young learners perceive the world. Nowadays, teachers provide information and show their students how to tackle them. A great teacher should be determined to their goal. We need people who think about the future and create a solution that is nature-friendly.

About one third of the answerers think that syllabus-design planningtextbook evaluation and classroom techniques are necessary for their development as practising teachers. Today there is a general complaint against what is called 'student indiscipline'.

role of teacher in society essay

He should be a missionary, a mentor, a reformer and a guide besides being a dedicated tutor. Teacher's importance[ edit ] The importance of a teacher as an architect of our future generations demands that only the best and the most and competent members of our intelligentsia be allowed to qualify for this noble profession.

Then, in the past, teachers used to follow a syllabus which was compulsory for them.

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A currently relevant example is prevalent in South Africa where teachers are resigning or taking early retirement options en masse between and Appreciation of teachers is very important because they are the most important people in the country. Humans are part of nature. If we aim to have a closer look at the characteristic features of the changes, we have to examine what they are. But I think only practical education can develop the country. He should be able to smile in the face of bitter criticism on his opinions, and should not feel ashamed or humiliated to accept his mistakes wholeheartedly. But we all need to analyze that our duty is not to explore bad things but good things. A popular teacher becomes a model for his students.
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The role of teachers in the 21st century