Should i skip class to write a paper

You are choosing to pay a lot of money in order to sit in classes and take tests. Do you have a friend or classmate who will let you borrow or make a copy of their notes if you miss?

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Share this:. Of course, that number is almost certainly not accurate. Skipping classes does not always imply staying at home; more likely, a student would spend their time outdoors, and chances to get involved in antisocial behavior substance abuse, shoplifting, gambling, and so on increase.

what to do when you re skipping school

Are you learning something completely new, or is this your third day of review? Before you skip class for just any old event, you should ask yourself: Is this a once in a lifetime?

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You could lose your job which means no money or be instrumental in the breakdown of your family. If you buy through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Save these for the dire situations you may have to or want to miss class.

The class I might skip contains information relevant to my startup or entrepreneurial interests. Sure, a few late nights early mornings? As obvious as this seems, but being in good standing with your professors and going for the easy hand-raise points makes a difference.

Take advantage of this freedom and have fun with it!

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Skipping Classes