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He offers none at all. What is his evidence for this potentially damning accusation? When the University of Notre Dame asked Ramadan to visit as a guest professor last year, the United States government denied him an entry Visa. A sad reality, a sad lot. He is also considered persona non grata in Israel.

The consular officer concluded that Dr.

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I never saw that as something threatening," he said. The logic stays the same: to recognise the validity of the other's criticism is to be or to become unfaithful to oneself. The panel remanded the case to a lower court to determine if the consular officer had confronted Ramadan with the "allegation that he knew that ASP provided funds to Hamas and then providing him with a reasonable opportunity to demonstrate, by clear and convincing evidence, that he did not know, and should not have reasonably known, of that fact.

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When the United States tortured prisoners, it was not a rogue element, or some untrained private carrying out a random act; water-boarding was a policy that came from the highest echelons of the American government. Much of the Arab world associates secularism with non-belief and irreligiousness, and so avoiding the term, while ensuring that all citizens have an equal right to participate in the public and political spheres, might open minds to the possibility of secular governance. An often nervous, blighted intellectual discussion ends up forbidding itself the right to self-criticise because to do so would be seen as treachery. It is appropriate, in our efforts to determine the moral message of Islam, to approach the Text from another angle. If he's not holding lectures in French suburbs in front of excited young people, he's celebrated like a head of state during visits to Khartoum in Sudan. The paradox is deep and the circle has become vicious: in fact, in Muslim conscience, Islam should be lived as a universal reference point that, because it is not presented as being exclusive, invites and forces the individual to recognise and build with and from diversity. In that regard, his views on Edward Said are telling. Patriot Act as the grounds for Ramadan's visa revocation. Neither of these options appealed to Ramadan. Unfortunately, in this book he refuses to come to terms with these important issues. To continue reading, click here for a complete transcript pdf. In the face of a globalisation that wipes it out, the Arab-Muslim world seems only motivated by a hope for a political and cultural liberation which would supposedly protect its local particularities Islam, cultures, languages etc : the expression of this hope in itself reveals the level of the lack of understanding of contemporary issues. Accordingly, the prolific Swiss-born theologian, who has become both a media star and a lightning rod for controversy, has made it his mission to change the way both Muslims and non-Muslims view Islam.

His views on the relationship between Islam and the West, or the ability for Muslims to integrate with non-Muslims, are far less confrontational than those of his grandfather. The opposition will require support and solidarity if it is to preserve the secular state as well as defend the rights of religious minorities and women.

TR: But this was very important. He has been branded an anti-Semite, but has publicly condemned anti-Semitic acts in the past.

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Tariq Ramadan: Europe's Muslim of Choice