The controversy of the phrase under

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Think about it. The singer deliberately courts controversy with his lyrics.

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Most theories of syntax view most phrases as having a head, but some non-headed phrases are acknowledged. Much controversy surrounds the new exam. Trees show the words, phrases, and, at times, clauses that make up sentences. But then government is a poor theologian.

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This means that some expressions that may be called phrases in everyday language are not phrases in the technical sense. It is our moving from theism to panentheism [which is] altogether orthodox and very fit for orthopraxis as well, for it slips in the word 'en' and thus means, 'God is in everything and everything is in God'. With me in them and you in me. Further examples of such proposed categories include topic phrase and focus phrase, which are assumed to be headed by elements that encode the need for a constituent of the sentence to be marked as the topic or as the focus. How ironic. Trees show the words, phrases, and, at times, clauses that make up sentences. Extra examples Controversy exists as to how safe these drugs are. A phrase lacking a head is known as exocentric , and phrases with heads are endocentric. Size does matter, but small is not always best.

It is a fundamental theistic belief and teaching. Observe that both trees, however, take the non-finite VP string nominate Newt to be a phrase, since in both trees nominate Newt corresponds to a complete subtree.

The controversy of the phrase under

His companion, Pete Leach, pointed out that the secret ingredient in a craft product is often the individual him or herself, and if that person leaves, the recipe often lacks repeatability. He explained that the brewer puts his heart and soul into everything they brew, and that all the products are hand bottled and hand labeled, and the brewer oversees every run. It does not have to have any special meaning or significance, or even exist anywhere outside of the sentence being analyzed, but it must function there as a complete grammatical unit. For instance, the subordinator phrase: before that happened — Subordinator phrase SP ; the head is a subordinating conjunction —it subordinates the independent clause By linguistic analysis this is a group of words that qualifies as a phrase, and the head-word gives its syntactic name, "subordinator", to the grammatical category of the entire phrase. Is not that the meaning of the First Amendment? Now, let's describe God. The distinction is illustrated with the following examples: The Republicans may nominate Newt. Since there is disagreement concerning the status of finite VPs whether they are constituents or not , empirical considerations are needed. I do not agree with those who assert that the phrase "under God" in the pledge of allegiance is a trivial or unimportant issue unworthy of consideration by the Supreme Court. He, like many others, would like to see full disclosure of ingredients and processes. We are not born "sinners.

I believe that the First Amendment clearly forbids the government from using any preposition or adjective in conjunction with the noun God. For example, in the sentence Yesterday I saw an orange bird with a white neck, the words an orange bird with a white neck form what is called a noun phraseor a determiner phrase in some theories, which functions as the object of the sentence.

How can it be applied to companies that have reached the size and scope of Firestone, and in the same breath be used on a tiny brand like Bootstrap Brewing in Niwot, CO?

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We are not born "sinners. He noted that his company, which is going from 86k bottles to k, is constantly tweaking their formulas, always seeking to better them.

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Think about it. This is a subject that always causes controversy. In contrast, this same string is not shown as a phrase in the dependency tree on the right. Functional categories[ edit ] Some modern theories of syntax introduce certain functional categories in which the head of a phrase is some functional word or item, which may even be covert , that is, it may be a theoretical construct that need not appear explicitly in the sentence. It does not describe God or God's relationship to us in any way. Heads and dependents[ edit ] In grammatical analysis, most phrases contain a key word that identifies the type and linguistic features of the phrase; this is known as the head-word, or the head. I -- and many other Christians and non-Christians -- do not believe that we are "under" God and, therefore, separated from God.
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The Word "Controversy" in Example Sentences