The effects of gender based communication styles in the workplace

Follow me on Twitter. These are two different ways of communication. However, just because someone seems detached does not necessarily mean that he is not mentally present in the conversation.

Secondly, they ask questions simply to show interest in what the other person says and to strengthen the relationship.

how to overcome gender barriers in communication

To a man, listening can take place with a minimum of eye contact and almost no nonverbal feedback. Men process internally until they come up with a solution.

Men also send signals of indifference, disagreement or smugness far more often than women do. In the workplace, people are continuously -- and often unconsciously -- assessing your communication style for two sets of qualities: warmth empathy, likeability, caring and authority power, credibility, status.

Women are more spontaneously emotionally expressive and have less ability in controlling their emotions displays.

Male and female communication styles

They are more likely to focus on those who are speaking by orienting head and torso to face participants. Men prefer to arrange their thoughts in a proper fashion and then speak up and clear the misunderstanding. Women on the other hand tend to look at the speaker in the eye and nod as a sign of approval. How they build relationships: Compared to men, women are good at building relationships with co-workers within the office. The same applies to their conversation. Too confident in own opinion. When a woman nods, it means she agrees or is listening or is encouraging another to continue speaking. To a man, listening can take place with a minimum of eye contact and almost no nonverbal feedback. This allows them to evaluate whether or not they are being understood, and to adjust accordingly.

There is a great communication differences between men and women in the workplace. Rather, they look towards a co-worker to listen and lend a patient ear to what she wants to say.

gender communication at work

So they speak with clarity and purpose regarding any subject. Men lay emphasis on efficiency and productivity in their day to day life.

difference between male and female communication style
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Is Your Communication Style Dictated By Your Gender?