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After thirty nine hard years, he has finally found the home he has always wanted.

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This book can be used to show what inner life is like and how these people are looked at and treated by others in society. A house she wouldn't be ashamed to point to and say it was hers.

Esperanza has many themes in her life that differs her from the outside world. Through the novel, Esperanza matures both physically and mentally Though Esperanza lives in a diverse city, pre-existing stereotypes are affecting how others women?

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Despite having a strong and intelligent mother Esperanza finds herself often observing the women in her neighborhood closely During the story, Esperanza grows up from being an adolescent to a young adult. Remember that imagery can appeal to any of the senses, including sight, sound, taste, smell, or touch.

Her life is impacted, in good ways and bad, by every person that she meets. Through the experiences Esperanza encounters, she feels neglected living in a culture where women are considered inferior to men. Each chapter consists of a different aspect or event pertaining to Esparanza's life.

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The first example is Cathy, who knows all the dangers of Mango Street. Some involve death and some involve an argument. Everybody has a different outlook on life and everyone has different goals in which they one day hope to achieve. Is it a house with four walls and a roof, the neighborhood of kids while growing up, or a unique Cleaver household where everything is perfect and no problems arise. Each generalization contains different factors, leaving the choice of what factors to leave in and which to leave out. Even though Sally has definitely had a negative impact on Esperanza, the experiences have helped shape her into the kind of strong, independent woman Esperanza has become. These distinguishing attributes are combined to create the backbone of Cisneros's unique style and structure. She was the third child and the only daughter in a family containing seven children. The novel is written in a series of poetic vignettes that make it easy to read. Explain the effect of that imagery upon the reader. She focuses on how the men feel as though they have more authority over women. This book can be used to show what inner life is like and how these people are looked at and treated by others in society.

Unlike us, the disappointment for these characters last throughout their childhood. The novel has confused many critics and readers because it reads like poetry, yet in actuality it is a narrative.

They decided it all for me and the next thing you know, we were moved.

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