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The shelter looks just like a copy of the real city now, only with a slightly weaker colour.

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But here, he was determined to do anything he could to support her; even if it meant becoming a murderer. They both realise that if this knowledge goes public, most people will wish the death penalty upon Akane.

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Cannot Spit It Out : In Lucia's route if Kotarou had just bothered to explain why her poison didn't work on him a lot of misunderstandings could have been cleared up.

Kotarou thinks back to how life as a student used to revolve around keeping the mood bright and enjoyable without getting too serious, but now everyone is back to being more honest with themselves and their feelings.

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She knew that her existence alone is a burden for the rest of the world, and while she needs Kotarou, Kotarou doesn't need her at all. He knew them six to ten years ago when he was in Guardian. That was a beautiful moment, but damn, Akane wasn't done, yet. Other routes he just makes it up as he goes along. Kotarou tells her that her golden eye is pretty. He suspects that if he went any further, he might end up completely outside the human world. Pretty tearjerking actually. We will even provide statistics to how fluent the sentences are, and how much they have changed. In each world consists the same people.

Heartwarming Moments : The whole of Kotarou's date with Lucia right up to the scene where they overlook the city. Were you even trying, Hinoue?

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Friendless Background : The idea of friends is something that's rather foreign to Akane. Akane explains the gist of the situation to him without revealing any important secrets, and asks him to return to his normal life, but Kotarou is unable to accept it.

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The Starscream : After he finds out the true nature of salvation, he betrays Akane in order to save her and the last vestiges of humanity in Kazamatsuri. After informing Akane, he is tasked with her capture. The heroines decide to name him Pochi. There's even a short scene right before, where he talks to Sakuya's spirit, and Sakuya mentions that Kotarou has now "taken his place completely". Akane also doesn't have to deal with Gaia as holy woman. Nishikujou saved Kotarou. Namely, he's about six years older than he seems. Big Bad Friend : She's one of the leaders of Gaia and the direct subordinate of the real boss. Power Incontinence : Kotarou's Rewrite ability only has an on switch. Okay, let's begin the review, and watch out of spoilers. Kotori doesn't have to be the druid. Everyone believed she was just acting normally and thought it was adorable. Kotarou killed him once again for sure, with the help of Yoshino and some several people he held dear.

Oh hey, this means Kotarou stopped being a tree!

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