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When he was a young man, Whitman became involved with the Democratic Party.

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It has been said that he may have even written some small filler material for the paper. Americas current fragmentation seen through the work of Flynn, segments society in a way where it would seem impossible for a member of the capitalist elite to write profoundly on the imagination or wilderness as did Stevens.

People have been attracted to Whitman for numerous reasons Although Whitman was born sixty years before Sandburg there were still a lot of the same things happening in America and they both picked up on one important factor of the time, that of the average working class man Whitman also shows through his work the importance of staying outside of social norms while also expressing yourself in any way that one might see fit The author is primarily known for his poetry, and also best known for his masterpiece, Leaves of Grass, which was published in as a collection of 12 poems.

To Whitman art is culture, and culture is history. Whitman crossed new boundaries win the poetry world, displaying every inch of his mind in his works.

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William Shakespeare was a great influence on Walt, he learned that it took patience, respect, integrity, and being out and away from home very often. The natural effect is a carefully crafted technique that appears throughout his writing, hinting at a philosophy of life while seeming to simply offer observation. Instead of simply giving an answer, the narrator cannot make up his mind, and stumbles on how to explain the grass to the child Many of his poems depicted affection and sexuality in a simple, personal manner, causing nineteenth century Americans to view them as pornographic and obscene. As in Whitman thought that the government was beginning to resemble what the founding fathers had fought and multitudes of soldiers died to escape from. They have identical goals that they want to fulfill and are well aware of the controversy that they will not ignore that society has to collaborate to resolve problems and issues in order to unify the nation as one. The writers themselves could not have been more different in their poems about these subjects. Leaves of Grass In Whitman published at his own expense a volume of 12 poems, Leaves of Grass, which he had begun working on probably as early as His mother on the other hand, he saw her as a light and they shared many different emotions with each other. He then worked as a journalist, as a carpenter, as a teacher, and as an editor before focusing on poetry.

Both poets do so in a very individual and personal way such as their written style permits. Analysis and closing - restate your thesis in the conclusion.

Walt whitman research paper

Self-taught and self-made, Whitman was an American poet who can be considered as one of the greatest poets to ever take ink to paper At only twelve years old, Whitman began to understand the basics of reading and writing and became passionate with the subjects His use of symbolism and free verse poetry creates indeterminacy, giving the reader hints rather than answers about the nature of the poem. Walt Whitman was inspired to write poems about Civil War and changed his style of writing after experiencing the horrible result of the war. They were an average family. Walt Whitman has been called by several to be the grandfather of modern day poetry. This style, for which Whitman is famous, is in direct relation to several major American cultural developments. In —39 he taught school on Long Island and edited the Long Islander newspaper. Bucke were so affected by the robust "I" of Whitman's poems and by the poet himself that they depicted him as a rowdy, sensual man, a great lover of women, and the father of several illegitimate children. It is not strange, then, that he created many different identities in order to remain safe. Whitman creates a sense of democracy where everyone is equal to each other by relating to diverse perspectives and demographics Even if I knew this first meeting was our last, I would have nothing to offer beyond the life I have made without him. Whitman was unmarried and childless, and it has been noted that Leaves of Grass consumed him greatly; James E. Beginning with Whitman there has been a great deal of risk taken in order to get across an idea.

Emerson was one of the few intellectuals to praise Whitman's work, writing him a famous congratulatory letter. Whitman challenges the linear notion of time by connecting past with future Its familiarities dissipated as it was

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