Water crisis in selangor

As I warned in my article, free water is not like any other populist handout — there are dire consequences. Three of these companies sold their assets, including water plants and thousands of kilometres of pipes, to Selangor in The facts from the developed countries reveal that the water and energy conservation campaigns in these countries have resulted in phenomenal savings in water and energy consumption.

water shortage selangor 2019

The same can be said for the lack of a serious energy conservation campaign. Dr Xavier said Selangor was not the last state to be completing water restructuring as Perlis, Pahang, Terengganu and Kedah had yet to do so.

The current water shortage and looming water crisis brought about by population growth, deforestation of important watershed hills and erratic rain patterns should wake Malaysians up to the urgent need for water demand management.

Treatment plant shutdown[ edit ] Offline treatment plants have been an ongoing problem in Selangor. After nearly 10 years We have many times more water than most African countries and yet we are facing a water shortage crisis. The supplementary agreement states that the federal government - via Pengurusan Aset Air - agreeing to a financing facility amounting to RM1.

State-owned water operator Air Selangor will pay the RM million over nine years. The firm is also foregoing RM4. Lost beauty: When the Sungai Selangor Dam was built, it submerged many tourist sites including this picnic spot and a world-class white-water rafting site.

The water deal is politically timely too, coming just a day before ballots open for a by-election in Selangor constituency Sungai Kandis. Alas, water demand management has been sacrificed for pork-barrel populist handouts.

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Negeri Sembilan and Selangor water crisis