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On top of that, you can collaborate with others on the same script. As a writer, I suffer from procrastination on a daily basis. Paste your text into the tool, click the Find Cliches button, then see a version of your text with any cliches highlighted in bold, red text.

Snowflake Tool Try the Snowflake Method.

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Try them all to see which one works best for you and your style or type of writing. And while this makes Google Drive a great tool for any type of writing, where it really stands out is with its collaborative features. BlindWrite Web Best free writing software for freewriting There's an old adage in the writing world: Write drunk, edit sober. Editing Software Tools for Brainstorming and Organizing Your Thoughts Sometimes, the hardest part of writing is figuring out what you want to write about. It's probably fine—and expected—to use the industry-specific words jargon you use every day in your role. When you come across an interesting piece of research, clip it into your Airstory library and tag it. The number of simple text-only, full-screen text editors that let you write without

Over time, you won't make so many of them, and eventually, you may find you don't even need the tool anymore. Thank you for your help. It was created in two months by two year-old American college students. You can zoom in on any list by clicking on the corresponding bullet point.

In that spirit, BlindWrite forces you to write blind and edit… not blind.

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QuietWrite QuietWrite has been formerly mentioned on MakeUseOf and I feel it is hands down the best online text editor and distraction-free writer. OneLook Reverse Dictionary and Thesaurus Web Best free writing software for finding the perfect word OneLook's Reverse Dictionary and Thesaurus works like any other thesaurus you've used: Type in a word, and it suggests dozens of synonyms to consider as alternatives.

Docs also maintains a version history of every document you create, so it's easy to access earlier versions or see who made specific changes.

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The Best Writing Apps and Software for Today's Writers