Write any two applications of neutralisation reaction in daily life

Automobile batteries contain a stronger form of some of the same acid that is in acid rain. No, bee stings and wasp stings are not the same. Again, the reaction between sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide produces sodium sulfate salt and water.

If a strong acid is mixed with a weak base then the acid formed is acidic. What is formed in the process of neutralization?

Yes, bee stings and wasp stings are the same. Are bee stings and wasp stings the same?

importance of neutralization in daily life

Then proteins structures are destroyed by the action of acid or base which catalyzes the splitting of peptide bonds.

This waterlogged condition prevents the normal exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

5 uses of neutralisation reactions

The addition of ammonia to bleach also produces a poisonous gas, chloroamine. Less soluble gases, such as nitrogen oxides and chlorine, produce their effects in the depths of the lungs causing pulmonary edema, pneumonia, and emphysema loss of elasticity and surface area.

practical applications of neutralization reaction

These acids cause decay of the enamel the calcium compound of our teeth.

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Neutralization in everyday life