Youth of past and today with influence of jose rizal

Use technology and any available resources to spread the good actions. Students take into effect the beliefs their teachers have on them and accept it as part of who they are and their abilities.

Ana Katrina D.

the youth is the hope of our future jose rizal explanation

I know of a year-old Filipina who is now a holder of two doctorate degrees and is teaching Quantum Physics in a US university based in New York State. However, these organizations nowadays are being gradually influenced by people who are in the mainstream of nations politics.

We did not need the Americans to tell us that Dr. Manila, Philippines. They put great importance on marriage and family, friends, education, work, religion, society, and money, but not much importance on recreation, hobbies, or politics.

We are now living in the modern era where in everything is fast paced and is machine ready. Our brain can think of brilliant ideas and thoughts, so let us use these ideas for a noble purpose of helping our nation.

Have a bonding with your children. The way they dress and act is different.

relevance of rizal to the youth today

According to our National Hero, education will be the solution to the problems of our country. Thus, social media results in teens being more well-informed about national and global news than they would be otherwise Social media has become part of the modern teenage lifestyle.

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The Youth is the Hope of the Motherland